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Think and grow rich is all about how to attain riches.The 13 steps to obtaining success outlined in this best-seller are the results of 20 years of research and accumulating information from over 500 successful individuals.The inspiration behind the creation of the book was none other than steel tycoon, Andrew Carnegie.This book reflects that by changing your mental attitude you can achieve success.Think and Grow Rich was a great read and packed full of powerful content, but it is not without its flaws. Napoleon Hill does a fantastic job of writing in a style that is easy to read and accessible to almost any reader, while still thoroughly examining and explaining the topic at hand. There are frequent examples and anecdotes throughout each chapter that provide qualitative evidence of the importance of each lesson, as well as illustrating how to go about applying that lesson to your life. That is one of the best things about this book, you don’t just learn what to do, but you also learn how to do it.


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If you don’t know how to communicate with other people or want the other people want to like you,there is no better guide than the book,’How to win friends and influence people’. This book is written by Dale Carnegie.How to win friends and influence people details three fundamental techniques for handling people, six ways to make people like you, twelve ways to win people to your way of thinking, and nine ways to change people without arousing resentment.The principles listed in the book are simple and most of them are common sense but their application is not very easy.It takes time to apply them but once they are applied effectively then success will be at your doorstep.The book sold exceptionally well from the start, going through 17 editions in its first year.


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Rich Dad, Poor Dad is about a complete rethinking of how money works.This book emphasis on the thought of how rich make their money work for them and not the vice-versa.It provides a different definition of financial terms. For example, rather than seeing an asset as something with value, this book defines an asset as being something that generates cash flow. This means that according to this book, your home is not an asset.The title Rich Dad, Poor Dad refers to the two main male influences that Robert had as a child. His own father, the figurative “poor dad,” worked at a steady job for a living, while the “rich dad” (the father of a friend) ran a multitude of businesses. Most of this book is told from the perspective of Robert learning from his “rich dad” about how to make money – and seeing how his “poor dad” made huge money mistakes.


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Collins takes up a daunting challenge in the book: identifying and evaluating the factors and variables that allow a small fraction of companies to make the transition from merely good to truly great.Good to Great: Why Some Companies Make the Leap… and Others Don’t is a management book by  that describes how companies transition from being good companies to great companies, and how most companies fail to make the transition. The book was a bestseller, selling four million copies and going far beyond the traditional audience of business books.Before Good To Great, Collins wrote the celebrated Built To Last, about visionary, iconic companies that have stood the test of time. As the recipe book for hoisting yourself to an initial stage of greatness, Good To Great is actually the ‘prequel’, Collins says. The value of Built To Last is that it can show you how to how to stay great.


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Covey’s most famous book, The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People, became a blueprint for personal development when it was published in 1989. The principles may be used for life in general – they are not limited to workplaces, management, leadership, etc. Covey’s concepts actually can help people to grow, change, and become more effective in really any other aspect of human responsibility that you might imagine.Covey’s Seven Habits are easy to understand, but like all the best and simplest models, can be a little more difficult to apply in practice. The ‘Habits’ seem very simple, and in many ways they are, yet to varying degrees they may entail quite serious changes to thinking and acting.Be inspired by Covey’s ideas nevertheless. They are wonderful.Covey’s best-known book has sold more than 25 million copies worldwide since its first publication in 1989.




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